Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

I'm pretty sure my sucky methods of potty training are going to force my son into therapy.

Back when we decided he was "ready" to be potty-trained, we took the week during Thanksgiving vacation to stay home, put him in underpants and take him to the potty on 30-minute increments after coaxing him to drink lots of water and eat more fruits and veggies. I thought for sure it was going to be months and months of cleaning up poppy underpants and washing tons of urine-soaked pants. I was pleasantly surprised. There were stickers and celebrations every time he pooped on the potty. I even pulled out a wrapped gift leftover from Christmas the first time he dropped a deuce in his little boy potty.

In one week he went from ten accidents a day to going consistently on the potty day after day.

I rejoiced! I felt free! We could go on outings during the day and I only had to worry about changing one diaper instead of two!

{I may have bragged a teeny bit on Facebook.}

Wow. How things can change in a few months. He did so well from December to the beginning of April. Today? He refuses to poo on the potty. And I can tell when he's holding it in - he gets this "deer in the headlights" look on his face and I just know. His belly gets so distended after not having taken a dump for five days that we end up having to give him Miralax or a glycerin suppository to help him get it out. I push water daily and he is good at eating fruits and vegetables, even though he's become a bit of a picky eater lately.

I tell him to go use the potty when I notice him holding it in. He refuses. I carry him kicking and screaming to the potty. I demand he does his business on the potty and to not come out until he does. I yell. It makes me so sad after I do, but I can't take it back.

{Loud crying screams go on for 10 minutes behind the closed bathroom door.}

I have reverted back to Pull-ups because I am so sick of cleaning poopy underpants. I am so sick of potty training drama, I can't stand it.

So yeah, that's my Secret Mommy-hood Confession for today. Sorry for so many mentions of poop.

Something Something Button

Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

Something Something Button I haven't seen my therapist in probably nine months or more.

Husband took a new job {yay, nice pay jump! shorter commute!} back in June of last year, and when our health insurance benefits changed, I got lazy about looking into the coverage we had for therapy. Plus, I have been doing great, so I didn't think we needed to shell out the moo-lah just for me to sit and talk about myself for 45 minutes every month.

But, I secretly miss it.

I enjoy talking about myself. {does this make me a shallow person? God, I hope not. I like to listen to other people talk about themselves too. This is why I am a blog addict.} And I think it's fun to bounce ideas off my therapist. I had dinner with a friend of mine earlier this week and felt so bad afterwards because I basically chewed her ear off for almost three hours. {Note to self: need to work on being a better listener. friends are not a substitute for a therapist.} Hence, I have realized that maybe I should make that therapy appointment so that I don't wear my friend's ears out.

And so, I am going to call my therapist's office first thing Monday morning to get an appointment. Who-hoo!! I'm excited about therapy! (As an added bonus, she gives a good hug at the end of each visit. She's sweet like that.)

Oh, and I'm also excited that this is my first link-up with Kim. She rocks. I *heart* her. Read her blog. This gal has a way with words. Plus, she's freaking hilarious.

Happy weekend everyone!

{Husband graciously took the kids to their favorite nearby farm to see the animals so that I could write in a quiet house this morning.  He texted me this picture. I love him to pieces.}