Listen to Your Mother DC

Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day. First up, I'm getting up at the crack of dawn to run a 5k. Nothing like getting your workout done first thing in the morning, right? If I'm lucky the hubby will get the kids up and dressed in time to see me cross the finish line. This would be a huge accomplishment for him, considering they were not able to find the finish line at the last 5k I ran back in October, so instead he took them through the drive-thru of McDonald's for breakfast on the way home. Way to feed them a wholesome breakfast, hun! We all know how complicated it is for Dads to get their kids out of bed, fed and dressed (forget the tooth-brushing) before 8am. {This race is actually at the same location as the last one, but still, I'm not holding my breath.}

Next, it's home to shower and get ready to go to lunch with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law before heading over to the theater to see

Can't wait to see these incredible women speak! Maybe next year I'll have enough guts to audition to be part of the cast of LTYMDC 2013.

I hope so.