NCCM Susan Garrow
Pacific Fleet Career Counselor, US Navy

Dear Jenn,

First thank you sharing your story, what an amazing road you've traveled.
The impact from hearing what you've dealt with I think opened up the eyes of the military personnel of the many types of mental health struggles out there.  Mostly that they can ask for help, not just for themselves but for family, friends, and colleagues as well before it becomes overwhelming.  I heard from many senior enlisted and officer personnel as well as junior enlisted Sailors who said your story was powerful.

Thank you ~ All the best


Carrie Seidman, Journalist - Sarasota Herald-Tribune & Carter Center for Mental Health Journalism Fellow

"We were so pleased and fortunate to have Jennifer as the guest speaker at our FACEing Mental Illness: The Art of Acceptance community event. In sharing her own journey, Jennifer provided a shining example of the recovery and empowerment to be found by stepping out of the mental health shadows and delivered a message of hope and encouragement to those struggling with challenges and the loved ones hoping to help them. Her commitment to erasing the stigma of a mental health diagnosis is genuine and inspirational."